Muslim Women in Tech (MWIT) is a fast-growing group of technologists based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Their founder reached out to the Designers of Color group to ask for help redesigning their logo to reflect the diversity of their group.

The Process

When approaching this design challenge, it was important to create a logo that reflected the diversity of Muslim women. Rather than use outdated stereotypes to represent this thriving community, I instead chose to look into the rich history of Islamic art to inform the building blocks of the MWIT logo.

The geometric square Kufic calligraphy style has been around for centuries, and adorns Islamic art and architecture from the Maghreb to India. With the help of Joumana Medlej's helpful tutorial, after a few tries, I was able to recreate the iconic Kufic style.

"I really want this to be a little more futuristic/modern but nothing too crazy."

After a couple revisions to the font used to meet the client's needs, the new logo was finalized.